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Title: Steal My Girl - Louis lead vocal
Artist: Louis Tomlinson
Played: 16502 times

Steal My Girl - Stems

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18 x 22

18 x 22

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           ↳ 5 Days To Go

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October 18, 2014 

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can we talk about how absolutely stunningly goRGEOUS HARRY LOOKS HERE ?!?! his long hair all full and curling a bit is so BEAUTIFUL ON HIM. like….. he’s always gorgeous. but sometimes he’s just EXTRA GORGEOUS 


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@Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

@Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

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17.10.2014 [x.x.x.x]

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Anonymous asked:
What part of New York do you live in?

nyc; idk how specific you want and how specific I feel comfortable getting but ya the city

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